Picture Prompt #5



I want each picture to tell a story or provoke an idea in the same way ordinary written prompts would. Yesterday’s would have been worthless to me, and it probably didn’t get anyone else’s mental gears turning either.

As time goes on, I will get better at this.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but even the most mundane piece of art can inspire thoughts worth a million more.
Picture prompts are a thing now, by the way. Each Sunday, the daily picture prompt will be colored. Each picture will illustrate one or more ideas or themes that you can run with.

With today being the exception, I’ll rarely, if ever, use characters from my own work. Most characters or creatures will be generic, or at least not tied to any existing stories.

Taking a short break

I’ve done more than 700 of these things consecutively and I’ve run into a creative wall over the past week or so. There are always days when I feel like I can’t get a prompt out, but this is the first time I’ve actually missed prompts because of that. So I’m going to give myself some time to refresh.