Siren’s Job

Siren had learned her lesson about judging people prematurely two years ago. Everybody, regardless of age, sex, race, or occupation, was many times deeper than she first assumed. Some people, she would have preferred not to learn more than their first impression suggested. Even a serial killer had standards. But the interactions had saved her life.

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100 Fantasy Writing Prompts

1. A fantasy in which no animal is the same as on Earth, but nor are they simply replacements with different names and designs.

2. A theology-focused fantasy in which the characters do logical debate about God and gods. By logical, I mean make all sides logical, not just the one you think is right.

3. A healing system where healing is possible, but the injury or sickness healed would be imposed on the healer forever. Bonus points: don’t make this one dark and depressing.

4. A fantasy world without humans. Bonus points if they’re not all furries.

5. A fantasy in which there are tens of contradicting and intertwining prophecies and no one knows which ones to believe.

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Injuries and Healing in Fantasy

After reading a stereotypical fantasy novel, then reading the first few chapters of Game of Thrones, I realized just how much authors are missing out on when they have characters who can simply make a pretty blue light over an injury and close it up instantly. George R.R. Martin crippled a character early on, and I honestly didn’t expect it, since I’d been conditioned by all the fantasy I’ve read (admittedly, not too much yet) to expect a heavily injured character to either die or get healed quickly.

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Modern Ideas in Fantasy

First of all, I offer a big thank you to Naomi Edmondson for nominating me for A Beautiful Blogger Award. Unfortunately, I’m a full-time student and just writing these posts takes a lot of time, and I’m afraid I’m unable to find the time to browse WordPress and find more bloggers to nominate and be eligible for the award. Sorry for letting you down, Naomi.

Onto fantasy now:

Most fantasy doesn’t take place on Earth. Most fantasy people don’t speak English, as English was developed based on circumstances, people, places, and events that only happened here. Fantasy is written in English because it’d be a pain to learn new languages for every fantasy you wanted to read. But I digress. Most fantasy reflects Earth’s medieval history, give or take five hundred years. Why does most fantasy contain modern ideas, though? You’d almost think it was written by someone who didn’t live in the medieval times (or at least didn’t study them).

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Combat in Fantasy

Epic wars and battles are all over the place in fantasy. After all, fantasy and epic battles have always gone together. But really, is it necessary? Just like most video games being centered on combat, it’s fun for a time, but eventually it gets monotonous. Fantasy can be great without an epic final battle in the end, and can probably be better for it as well.

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Prophecies in Fantasy

First of all, a question: why in the world does so much fantasy use a prophecy as the driving plot device? It’s not even a good plot device, because it makes the characters more reactive than proactive, and proactive characters are more likable. That said, it makes even less sense for the prophecy to center around the protagonist, since your protagonist should be the most likable character in most cases.

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Change of plans

With our new data caps, and with college starting now, updating with weekly stories is actually not as easy as I’d like to think. I’ll still post stories, but I’ll change three things.

I will post more than just stories. I’ll post my thoughts on various writing-related topics, like fantasy cliches and character types and plot types and the like.

When I do post stories, they will be more focused. They’ll still be short, but the total cast of characters will be much smaller–for now, I’ll cut back to the most interesting characters and expand on them. I know I only had a few readers back when I posted consistently, but if any of you would be willing to come back now and suggest whose story I should follow to its conclusion, I’d be happy to take said suggestions.

I might start doing some art, too. I’m not too good now, but I’m taking studio art as part of my animation degree, so I’ll improve and draw cool stuff and post it here along with the stories.