Anime tropes I hate (that show up in other media)


I rag on anime a lot and for good reason. Ninety percent of it is cliche-ridden and repetitive, as with any established genre. Anime is a bit of an outlier because most of its tropes occur in every genre it contains. My personal least favorite is the “panties = funny” thing. Oh, and characters gasping in absolute surprise whenever someone says something stupidly obvious and boring like, “Because we’re friends!” or something.

Let’s move on. Here’s a list of the stuff I want Japan to stop doing so that young American and European authors will stop copying it. Fantasy by young writers tends to take the butt end of a lot of bad anime tropes, so that’s my excuse for posting something only tangentially related to my usual stuff.

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Matt’s fantasy art

I don’t post much of my own fantasy anymore, so I’ll do a picture. This is of Illy and Siren, the heroines from a story I posted awhile back that wasn’t very good. It’s improved, but I’m still not to the point where I’m comfortable posting it regularly.
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I abused the leaf brush, but I couldn’t think of a better way to do it without taking a week.