Daily Writing Prompt #176

Write an entire story with a compelling conflict using man vs. nature. Plant decoy antagonists here and there who turn out to be pretty decent people, and let the theme be along the lines of “there’s not always someone to fight.”


Daily Writing Prompt #175

A world in which the roles of science and magic are essentially reversed: science makes stuff work, people joke and laugh about science; scientists perform “science tricks” such as making small volcanoes erupt.

Daily Writing Prompt #167

Your protagonist’s parents find out s/he’s the prophesied hero and decide that, to completely screw with the prophecy, they should make the kid evil right from the start. Turns out, the kid becomes the evil overlord instead and the parents both try and fulfill the prophecy in the kid’s stead once s/he grows up and they’re in their 40s and 50s.