Daily Writing Prompt #295

Your hero has the ability to change the atomic number of any mass she’s holding, but can only add or remove one proton per atom. So she could only turn aluminum (13) into silicon (14) or magnesium (12).

This chemistry-related prompt is in honor of me finally figuring out why Walter White calls himself Heisenberg.


Daily Writing Prompt #287

Write four short stories with the same general plot, but with four different types of characters:

1. Fully fleshed-out characters whose emotions run the full gamut from happiness to sadness to fear to triumph and everything in between.

2. Static, “badass” character types whose only emotion is cold indifference.

3. Negative character types who only really experience fear, anger, pain, hate, etc. and never smile.

4. Perpetually positive characters who, even in the face of death, hope and smile and laugh and such.