Daily Writing Prompt #448

The final battle between the hero and the overlord is televised, and during the broadcast, the overlord makes valid, reasonable points about the need for a ruler who knows how to rule and how the hero would be a terrible king. The hero wins the fight, but the overlord’s words hold in people’s minds, and they kick the hero off the throne within the first month of his “rightful” reign.


Daily Writing Prompt #447

After defeating an evil overlord or some other big evil thing, the hero decides to prevent evil from popping up again by attempting to erase any information about the previous evils. So he censors writings that take the villain’s side, destroys written records of what happened (save for his own journal), and silences the bards who try to spread the story.

However, a new hero pops up and decides all this silencing and censorship is evil, and so goes on a mission to find and reveal the secrets being destroyed to the entire world.

Daily Writing Prompt #445

A tax collector decides he’s fed up with taking money from people to give to a reasonably corrupt king. He brings the citizens’ tax money back, but gives them twice their payment from the king’s own fortune.

Things go pretty good for some time, and suddenly the king is completely broke, and the kingdom is bought out by a bigger one, all because the tax collector took justice into his own hands.

Feel free to alter any part of this.