Daily Writing Prompt #509

A cyber-species exists and can travel and communicate across a worldwide network of some object or element, such as iron, igneous rock, or potatoes.


Daily Writing Prompt #507

In a world where the only sentient race is seafaring, people (mers, or whatever your preferred sea species is) build landboats to cross continents. These landboats prove insufficient due to differing weather conditions, rough terrain, wild animals, etc. Your protagonist is one of the people trying to figure out how to overcome these conditions.

Daily Writing Prompt #505

A governor or king makes a law that music and poetry must be more honest. So instead of a face launching a thousand ships, the face could possibly make the ship move a little if shoved against it hard enough, beauty notwithstanding. Your protagonist is a poet who previously made a living off hyperbole, and now speaks his poems with other disgruntled artists in the poetic equivalent of the black market.

Daily Writing Prompt #503

A parallel universe exists a year in the past of the current universe as a sort of backup in case anything happens to the current universe. Write about a time when something did happen to wipe out the first universe, and the sentient beings in the backup have to figure out what happened in the next year and solve the problem before it’s too late.