Daily Writing Prompt #540

Your protagonist, the hero of prophecy, also happens to be a lawyer (in a world where such things exist). When he defeats the evil overlord and brings him into the proper authorities, he also must defend said evil overlord in court.


Daily Writing Prompt #539

An ink-sword whose hilt resembles a pen, and whose blade can be retracted into said hilt to become an actual pen. The blade becomes shorter the more the pen writes.

Daily Writing Prompt #533

An explorer comes across a tribe of jungle people who speak purely in song and musical-style dance numbers. The explorer learns how they come up with all this (it’s a rehearsed defense against outsiders — make them think the tribe is completely bonkers and leave) and tells the king of his own land, who figures it’s just stupid enough to work, and pretty soon people go to war singing and dancing with both their comrades and enemies.


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