Writing Prompt #571

Write a character you perceive as racist, sexist, classist, etc. Write this character as a bigot who won’t accept any viewpoint but their own. Make this character the protagonist, and then deliver an arc that makes them likable or at least relate-able without removing their -isms or bigotry.

More of a challenge than a prompt, I suppose. I won’t make an entire new series of these, but I’ll add “challenge” to the tags of similar prompts starting today.


Writing Prompt #570

A society in which children go to work and fight wars to support their parents, presumably as thanks for birthing them or something.

Writing Prompt #566

A world in which some flowers, virtually indistinguishable from real flowers, are actually bombs that blow up when sniffed.

Sounds bad, but the cultures around the world would probably just not smell flowers anymore, or at least not from up close. It would still make for some pretty interesting situations, regardless.