Writing Prompt #629

A protagonist who can only communicate through grunts and yells, in the vein of Link.


Writing Prompt #628

Three heroes try to impede each other’s quests to become strong enough to kill the evil overlord. Rather than intervene, the evil overlord lets them have at each other. They kill each other’s best friends, love interests, wise old mentors, older brothers, dogs, etc. until one hero stands, and as it turns out, his actions made the evil overlord look tame in comparison. The overlord congratulates him, hands over the crown of evil, and walks away.

Writing Prompt #627

Your hero is presented with a choice between becoming a good overlord, all ill intent obliterated from his mind, or an evil overlord with all good intent obliterated from his mind. While this may seem like an obvious choice, becoming an evil overlord also permanently removes every virus or illness (e.g. cancer, AIDS, malaria) from existence. On top of that, your hero’s grandma/little sister/wise old mentor/insert sympathetic figure here is terminally ill. What does he choose?

Writing Prompt #621

A species of sentient creatures shaped like beds, that can also serve as beds. These bed-beasts can’t move on their own, and draw nutrients from the humans that sleep on them, while also providing nutrients that help humans sleep better and wake up faster.

Maybe toss in some disgruntled traditional bed-makers in there somewhere.