Writing Prompt #690

A species whose speech is completely soundless, yet conveys meaning and intention more accurately than any spoken language.


Writing Prompt #688

A Hitler-like dictator who aims to create a flawless race (at least visually) and takes drastic steps like genocide to see that goal realized. The twist: this dictator has almost universal support. That means even if the heroes manage to take him down, they’ll still have to deal with a huge amount of people who hate them for killing their leader.

Writing Prompt #686

Write a Force-like magic system where literally everything that happens is explained with a hand-wavium and everything is technically possible. In this world, since they can do everything, everyone’s main focus it to make their lives as dramatic as possible, and so they learn storytelling from a young age and essentially role-play out their entire lives.

Writing Prompt #681

An immortality system where people can only find out if they’re immortal or not when they die for the first time–however, this immortality only lasts until old age, when the person dies of natural causes. So theoretically, it’s possible (and extremely probable) for someone to go through their entire lives not knowing about their immortality.

Also, what if someone tried to create a race of only immortals by rounding everyone up and killing them, letting the ones who stood back up reproduce and make more immortals (assuming immortality was genetic).