Taking a short break

I’ve done more than 700 of these things consecutively and I’ve run into a creative wall over the past week or so. There are always days when I feel like I can’t get a prompt out, but this is the first time I’ve actually missed prompts because of that. So I’m going to give myself some time to refresh.


3 thoughts on “Taking a short break

  1. Dakota Holman

    Thank you so much for all the work you do 700, and consecutively nonetheless, is an impressive feat and you deserve not to mention have earned a much needed break. Keep up the good work!

  2. David

    Thanks for all of your writing prompts. Reading through them sparked my imagination and inspired me to write some prompts of my own. I won’t share them all but I will give you two of them:
    1. Write about mysteries in your fantasy world that can not be explained by current science or magic. (Examples: Bermuda Triangle and the crystal skull.) What ancient secrets do they possess?
    2. Think about when a magic based world discovered magic and imagine how that will affect their technology. (Example: if magic is discovered before electricity, it may be used to power appliances. If it is discovered before homes are built, they may grow trees into shelters. If it is discovered before fire… You decide.
    I hope this helps you. I’m not much of a writer yet, but the imagination is there. I hope to see more prompts from you soon.

    1. Those are both great prompts! The unsolved mysteries of our own world are some of the most interesting things in . . . well, the world. I’ve always wanted to write a deep-sea adventure in which the characters figure out the origin of “the bloop,” myself. But I know next to nothing about science or marine biology, so that’ll have to come later.

      The coexistence of magic and technology have always been a pretty interesting topic, too. I’d love to see a world fully visualized where the author has thought of everything from the stone age to now, assuming some magic system existed.

      As for more prompts, I don’t think I’ll post any more for at least another couple months. While they’re short and relatively easy to think of, I want to come back with something more, like pictures, or activities, or something like that.

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