Your Stories

This page contains stories written by you, the readers of this blog/website thing. If you wrote a story based on one of my prompts and want it posted on this page, just send it to me via email or link it in a comment somewhere.

I claim no rights to anything posted to this page; any and all stories posted here are exclusively the property of their respective owners.

A Fate Worse Than Death by Alixx Black

Based on prompt #34 of 200 Fantasy Writing Propmts: “Write a story where a chosen hero is supposed to defeat an evil overlord. Then make the hero fail.”

Unmanageable by Nico Akira

Based on Daily Writing Prompt #21: “An executioner has a deep, heart-to-heart talk with the person s/he’s supposed to kill — on the gallows, in front of the crowd.”

A Tale of Failure by Kerri Mackay

Based on prompt #103 of 200 Fantasy Writing Prompts: “Your protagonist has already lost his confrontation with the antagonist.”

The Book of Judith: Sixteen Tales of Life, Wonder, and Magic by Judith Field

Published by Rampant Loon Press


[From the introduction by the editor:] One of the great pleasures of editing a short-story magazine is that you get to meet a lot of very talented writers before they become household names. Some you watch develop slowly, while others more or less erupt in a dazzling display of talent, and produce great short stories right from the start.

Judith Field is that second kind of writer. From the very first story she sent me, I could see that someday we’d all be reading her novels, or watching the movies and TV shows based on her stories, and a few of us would be lucky enough to be able to say, “Oh yeah, Judith Field. I was reading her *way* before everyone else was.”

So here is your great opportunity, to get to know The Remarkable Ms. Field before everyone else is talking about her. In the sixteen stories in this collection you’ll see the full range of her story-telling talents on display: sometimes funny, sometimes poignant; sometimes whimsical and fantastic; sometimes romantic, and sometimes disturbing, and sometimes both in the same story!

But always, a good story, well-told.

One More Day at “”

Based on prompt #116 of 200 Fantasy Writing Prompts: “Your protagonist is cursed and must kill at least one person per day to stay alive.”


Looking Backward at “”

Based on Daily Writing Prompt #313: “Write the darkest, most depressing story you can come up with, but give it a happy ending. Not easily, though. Employ the ‘earn your happy ending’ trope.”


Of Young Men and Hot Ambition on “”

Partially based on Daily Writing Prompt #224: “A virus sweeping your protagonist’s nation causes people to develop blisters and tumors that kill them prematurely, but can be prevented by moderating magic use. Instead of moderating their magic use, people instead choose to paint these blistered, tumor-sticken people as the new societal norm; they tell these sick people that they’re beautiful, that they shouldn’t have to change the way they live, and then the society dies off by everyone essentially committing prolonged suicide.”


A Hair’s Breadth on “”

Based on Daily Writing Prompt #186: “A society in which the male chest is offensive, but female breasts are perfectly fine to show in public.”


[untitled] on “”

Based on Daily Writing Prompt #101: “The hero does things and music starts playing in the background when certain things happen.”


[untitled] on “”

Based on prompt #43 of 200 Fantasy Writing Prompts: “The evil overlord does the intelligent thing and kills the hero as a baby. Now what?”


Eye For An Eye on “”

Based on Daily Writing Prompt #54: “Your protagonist, a blacksmith, starts releasing unfinished alpha and beta versions of weapons for customers to test before they go into production.”


Darjeeling Gambit on “”

Based on Daily Writing Prompt #35: “The final ‘battle’ happens over a nice cup of tea.”


Anton’s Story on “”

Based on prompt #163 of 200 Fantasy Writing Prompts: “At random intervals, the entire world hears a song from everywhere, like everything is contained inside a massive omnipresent orchestra.”


The Sacrifice of a Healer on “”

Based on prompt #3 of 200 Fantasy Writing Prompts: “A healing system where healing is possible, but the injury or sickness healed would be imposed on the healer forever. Bonus points: don’t make this one dark and depressing.”


7 thoughts on “Your Stories

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  2. marz

    Hi! Thank you so much for featuring my story here (One More Day), and thanks to all those readers that took the time to click on it. I hope you liked it.
    Your prompts are intriguing, so I’ll probably use a few more here and there, I’ll let you know how it goes!
    Take care!

      1. Well, my my! Thank you very much for the inspiration and the add. I have always felt that the villains have traits to which regular folk can relate. They display behaviors we can’t – hence the likability!
        Have a lovely week, good sir!

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